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By Lawrence H. Schiffman (Editor-in-Chief), James VanderKam

The watershed in smooth scrolls heritage a decade in the past (when the total textual content, whose unencumber have been held up by way of students for years, was once eventually made to be had) made it attainable for learn to continue at a velocity essential to produce this paintings. This quantity is a present, entire consultant to the fruit of fifty years of scrolls scholarship. Alphabetically prepared articles deal with archaeological websites, fabric, and writings in addition to historical ideals and practices, modern historical past and participants, comparable historical texts, and scrolls examine. The articles are greatly go referenced, and a «synoptic» define of the contents separates articles through subject. the continued divergence of scholarly opinion at the scrolls is mirrored within the record of participants and sometimes is clear within the articles themselves. whereas each one of these articles are available to put readers, a few may perhaps turn out to be a problem. for instance, «Mird, Khirbet» includes architectural terms--without explanation--that are most probably surprising to nonspecialists. might be the main disappointing factor concerning the EDSS is the inability of illustrations, which could additional frustrate lay readers. Minor criticisms apart, notwithstanding, this quantity gives you to be an important a part of educational collections and will be thought of for higher public libraries in addition.

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Sec pages 56ff. Freedman, Da\id NooL "Acruslic Puemy in tlie Hebrew Bible. |l|. ni. A aiiJ S L I I O O I ^ \U \U Tcsianwuium^ vol. 40_ Leiden, 1988. See pages 81-95. Lemaire, Andre. s lAncifU Israel. Gbtiingen, 198L Seo pages 7^33. Lemaire, Andi'e. Slutii epigrafici e Ungnisfici sni Vicino Oriente Aniico 1 (1984X l 3 U f 4 3 . Na\eli, J. Eurh' History oflhe Alphahtii: An Inpoduciion to West Se­ mitic Epigraphy and Palaeography. Jemsalem, i987. Tu\, E. " Give Ear lo l^y V\/ords: Psalms' and Other Poeiry in and ayound the Hebrew Bible: Essays in Honour oj Professor N.

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