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How to Be an Existentialist is a witty and enjoyable booklet concerning the philosophy of existentialism. it's also a real self-help booklet supplying transparent suggestion on how one can reside in response to the foundations of existentialism formulated by way of Nietzsche, Sartre, Camus, and the opposite nice existentialist philosophers. An assault on modern excuse tradition, the booklet urges us to stand the demanding existential truths of the human . via revealing that we're all inescapably loose and dependable - ‘condemned to be free,' as Sartre says - the publication goals to empower the reader with a pointy feel that we're each one the grasp of our personal future. Cox makes enjoyable of the attractiveness existentialism has for being gloomy and pessimistic, exposing it for what it truly is - a good, uplifting, and most likely lifestyles altering philosophy!


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For existentialist philosophers freedom is not essentially about what people are at liberty to do, about what they are able to do or allowed to do and so on, but about each person’s responsibility for whatever they do or do not do in every circumstance in which they find themselves. It is vital to a proper understanding of the existentialist theory of personal freedom to realize that it is just as much a theory of personal responsibility. Freedom is not freedom from responsibility, freedom is having to make choices and therefore having to take responsibility.

Of course, to claim that there is no time apart from consciousness is not necessarily to claim that apart from consciousness there are no processes of becoming in the world; that without consciousness nothing comes into or goes out of existence, grows up or gets burnt down. It is simply to argue that apart from consciousness there is no awareness of the processes of becoming, growth, decay, destruction; no notion of a past or a future for any particular present. Let’s go back to that acorn again – it hasn’t grown much since we last talked about it and it can still be identified as an acorn.

It would definitely be a return ticket on the mountain railway for those slobs. It made me wonder, who in this world is really disabled? The ‘cripple’ who always chooses to push himself and do as much as he can, or the lazy, obese person who always chooses the soft option and does as little as possible except when it comes to eating crap and making excuses? Perhaps the only truly disabled people in this world are those who have a disabling attitude. To insist that a disabled person is, existentially speaking, responsible for his disability, is certainly a tough and uncompromising view.

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