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By Clifford Edmund Bosworth

"The Encylcopaedia of Islam" (New version) units out the current kingdom of information of the Islamic global. it's a key to figuring out the realm of Islam, not just the faith itself but in addition the believers and the international locations within which they dwell. The paintings embraces articles on uncommon Muslims of all ages and land; on tribes and dynasties; at the crafts and sciences; on political and non secular associations; at the geography; ethnography; wildlife of some of the international locations and at the heritage, topography and monuments of the key cities and towns. This re-creation is released in double fascicules of 128 pages. 8 to 10 fasciculess make up one quantity. Upon final touch of a quantity, covrs and prelims are provided for binding.

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In German: A. Dirr, Einfuhrung in das Stadium der Kaukasischen Sprachen, Leipzig 1928; F. Hancar, Urgeschichte Kaukasiens, ViennaLeipzig 1937. In English: J. B. Baddeley, The Russian Conquest of the Caucasus, London 1908; W. S. Allen, Structure and system in the Abaza Verbal complex in Transactions of the Philological Society, 1956, 12776, with extensive linguistic bibliography. In R u s s i a n : AdigeiskayaAvtonomnaya Oblast*, Maikop 1947; Kabardinskaya ASSR, NaPcik 1946 Sh. B. Nogmov, Istoriya Adlgeyskogo Naroda sostaxlennaya po predaniyam Kabardintzev, NaPcik 1947; K.

Halfway between Kabard and Lower Adighe is found the Besleney dialect, which belongs to Lower Adighe but is full of Kabard elements. The written Kabard and Adighe literatures appeared after the establishment of the Soviet regime. The Cerkes had until then only an oral literature, principally of folk-lore, which included two types in particular: the legends of Nartes (mythologicalheroic legends) which the Cerkes share in common with some other Caucasian people such as the Ossetes, and the heroic-historical songs which Shora-Bekmurzin Nogmov gathered and published (see bibliography).

It was only at the end of the civil war that the Soviet regime was established in the regions inhabited by the Cerkes—in the spring of 1920, first in the country of the Adighe, then in that of the Kabard. R. of Adighe. This territory has an area of 4400 sq. km. and a population of 270,000 people (in 1956), of whom the Adighe represent only a minority. The capital Maikop is a Russian city. ]). This territory, formed 12 January 1922, was divided, 26 April 1926, into two administrative unities: the Autonomous Region of the Karafiay and the national civil district of the Cerkes, elevaled 30 March 1928 to the status of Autonomous Region.

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